Albatross Island is the location of Albatross Prison. The story continues there when Chase McCain enters a room and helps the guard. Then he goes and checks Rex Fury's cell.

Character Tokens -

Beefy Baker - In the rear prison yard use the Chicken Glide or the Jetpack 
 to get onto the slanted roof at the west side, then climb up to the door 
 that you can pry open.  The token is inside the pallet just to the left 
 of it.
Boxer - There are three punch bags in the exercise yards (two in the front, 
 one in the back) that need to be turned yellow.  A Yellow Color Swapper can 
 be found on the prison roof (see Free Run for info on getting there).
Butcher - When you first sneak into the prison, you go up a wall climb, 
 then run up a steep slope.  Then you shimmy around a ledge and climb in 
 to the side yard.  Instead of going in, keep shimmying around to the far 
Hot Tub Harry - You need the Jetpack.  On the front prison wall, find a 
 teleporter under a guard tower, then teleport to the top.  Use the Jetpack 
 Hover to get over to another guard tower with the token.
Press Photographer - At the north end of the island is the sewer outflow.  
 Smash the stone beneath the pipe to find this token.
Prison Guard - Build the Disguise Booth
Tribal Hunter - Assemble three sand castles around the island.  One is on 
 the west side under a pallet.  One is near the southwest corner under a 
 pallet (near a couple of blue studs on boxes).  The third is in the 
 southeast part under a crate.  Once all three are assembled, the token 
 appears at the dock.
Verne - You'll need the Construction uniform.  Find the Helipad (look below 
 in Super Build), then go up the stairs and climb up to the nearby guard 
Warden Stonewall - Complete the Free Run