The Auburn Bay Bridge is a bridge in LEGO City.

This bridge serves a method of transportation to and from Auburn and Fort Meadows.

Character Tokens - 
 DaMumbo - You'll find this one while climbing to reach the Free Run Token.  
  It's at the top of the bridge tower.
 Fitness Instructor - Complete the Free Run.


Vehicle Tokens - 
 Wrath - Complete the Time Trial.


Red Brick - Data Scan Upgrade: Red Bricks - Go to the south bridge support, 
 east side, to find a blue barrel.  Smash it to make a trampoline and start 
 climbing.  Cross the rope a few feet up to find this at the middle of it.


Gold Bricks - 

Precious Boulder - This is at the bottom of the south bridge support, near 
 the waterline.

Conquer District - This is right next to the Free Run Token.  Heck, at least 
 you can get almost everything for this area done in one place.

Free Run - This is probably the most difficult one, because if you fall, 
 you start over.  Start from the south bridge support, on the east side, and 
 scale the bridge tower.  The token is, of course, at the top.

Time Trial - This is the fancy race car at the north end of the bridge.  The 
 trial goes up and down under the bridge, so be prepared to fly.