Flash Johnson
Flash Johnson
Name Flash Johnson
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Astronaut
Appearances LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins
Voice actor Unknown

Flash Johnson is an antagonist in LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. He is the boss of Apollo Island. He stole Ray Guns from Henrik Kowalski's lab.


After a breakout from Albatross Island, Rex Fury tasked Flash Johnson with stealing Ray Guns from the laboratory on Apollo Island. He took over the island with his Jonlan Regnix goons. After investigating Albatross Prison, Chase McCain visits the Auburn district of LEGO City to arrest the gangster Smokey Fuentes. Fuentes was tasked with stopping the construction of the Auburn Bay Bridge, which connected that island of the city to Fort Meadows. In Fort Meadows, von Kruchman was assigned the task of demolishing the Heritage Bridge, which connected the police station to Downtown. The jetty to Apollo Island is located in Downtown, so Fuentes and von Kruchman were creating distractions. Johnson's goons sunk a patrol boat near the island, leading McCain to be sent to the island. Johnson had completely overrun the island, delaying the shuttle launch, stealing computer chips from the launch tower, and destroying fuel tank pipes. He finally reveals himself to McCain when McCain shows up to build a helipad for Natalia Kowalski to land the police helicopter. Natalia tells McCain that her father, Henrik Kowalski, works on the island, so McCain sets out to investigate. He soon finds out that Johnson's goons have trapped him inside a force field. McCain defeats the goons and obtains a Ray Gun, one of the devices that Johnson was sent to collect. Between rescuing professor Kowalski and exiting the laboratory, Natalia is kidnapped by Johnson. Security Guard Meller, the guard that helped McCain upon arrival to the island, alerts McCain of Johnson's location. McCain follows Johnson into the flight simulator room, to find Natalia frozen into a block of ice. McCain fights off Johnson's waves of goons until Johnson is too weak to fight. He then enters the flight simulator module. Using his recently acquired ray gun, he shoots the simulator's freeze panel with the ray gun to slow it down. Using his jetpack, McCain goes up to a platform to open up the area below the simulator. He then turns on one of the fuse boxes below it. To defend himself, Johnson creates a beam of electricity on the bottom of the module. McCain uses his jetpack to escape. He repeats this twice more. After the third time, the simulator goes out of control from the high voltage, and the door swings open to send Johnson flying out to hit his head on the ceiling and fall to the floor. McCain acquires Johnson's colour gun, and he is arrested. Back at the police station, Natalia says that Johnson did not freeze her in a block of ice, and identifies Fury as the man that did. Quentin Spencer releases Johnson, but Ted Baxter detains him. He is never seen again.