Lady Liberty Island is a district of LEGO City in LEGO City Undercover. It does not appear in LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. It is a small island with a large statue which is very similar to the real life Statue of Liberty. Despite its small size, Lady Liberty Island holds most of the same type of collectibles as other, much larger, districts.

Lady Liberty Island cannot be reached until after the main story of the game has been completed, as accessing it requires the use of a character disguise which can only be obtained during the final mission of the game.

To reach Lady Liberty Island, Chase McCain must travel to the Promenade Gardens in Downtown and use his Rex Fury disguise to lift a large orange-handled box which sits in the middle of the Gardens. Lifting the box will drop a pile of LEGO pieces. McCain can then assemble the pieces to form a teleport station. Standing on top of the teleport station and pressing A on the Wii U gamepad will warp McCain to Lady Liberty Island.

Once McCain has reached Lady Liberty Island he can build a Super Build to activate a ferry route between Crescent Park and Lady Liberty Island.