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Special Assignment - Disruptive Behavior is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover. The Jetpack for the Astronaut disguise is unlocked during this mission.

Plot summary

This mission triggers at the same time as Chapter 13 - Secrets. It begins with Chase McCain inside Rex Fury's base, with Rex's gang looking for the impostor who was driving the truck in Chapter 12 - The Con in Construction.

A Cut Scene reveals that Rex is holding a professor, who McCain believes to be Professor Kowalski, Natalia Kowalski's father. Rex wants the professor to reveal the code to a device he has created. McCain's goal for this special assignment is to rescue Professor Kowalski.

As McCain makes his way through the hideout, he finds a jetpack, and eventually arrives outside the room where Rex is interrogating Professor Kowalski. During a cut scene it is revealed that Forrest Blackwell is behind the crime wave. Blackwell is upset over not being allowed to build in Bluebell National Park and wants revenge.

Professor Kowalski initially resists Fury's tickle torture, but when Blackwell reveals over video link that he has captured Natalia, Professor Kowalski relents and gives up the password to the device.

McCain the enters the room and after defeating some more of Rex's thugs, releases Professor Kowalski. McCain and Kowalski then fly off in a UFO that was stored in the base, completing the mission.