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This page contains details about the game's plot. For those who have not completed the game, this page may contain spoilers regarding the plot.

Discretion is advised.

Special Assignment - Kung Fool is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover. It takes place during Chapter 4 - When the Going Gets Tough and follows Chase McCain's efforts to learn kung fu at Barry Smith's Dojo.

Plot Summary

Kung fu fighting

Chase McCain vs. Barry Smith's other students.

The Special Assignment begins when McCain enters the courtyard of the dojo. He finds the door to the interior is locked. After completing several tasks, including Dragon a 40,000 Brick Super Build, McCain makes his way into the dojo interior where he finds a number of students practicing, but no obvious sign of Barry Smith.

Exploring the dojo, McCain discovers a gong. After McCain rings the gong, Smith appears and has McCain listen to a CD called Learn Kung Fu While You Sleep. After completing the lesson, McCain remarks (in what may be a reference to Chuck]) "I know kung fu.... and plumbing."

Smith tests McCain and handily beats him, then decides instead to have McCain try his skills out on Smith's students. McCain manages to defeat several waves of students and Smith declares that McCain has done well. Smith offers McCain a belt as a sign of his skill, but McCain declines, as without his belt, Smith pants have fallen down.

This completes the Special Assignment and unlocks Advanced Combat.

Point of Interest: Once you get inside the dojo itself, the background music is identical to that used throughout the game Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven, a game featuring ninja and other martial artists.