Von Kruchman
Von Kruchman
Name von Kruchman
Gender Male
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Occupation Criminal
Appearances LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins
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Von Kruchman is one of the main antagonists in the video game LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. He is one of the five Albatross Island prison escapees, the others being Tony "Knuckles" McGee, Smokey Fuentes, and Carl Walnuts being broken out by the fifth, Rex Fury, the main antagonist of the game.


He was broken out of Albatross Island prison by Rex Fury. Smokey Fuentes' gang attempted to prevent construction on the Auburn Bay Bridge so that nobody could get into Fort Meadows where Kruchman's operations were based. Kruchman threatened to destroy the Heritage Bridge. He was arrested by Chase McCain. The Heritage Bridge allows access to the ferry to Apollo Island in Kings Court, which is where Flash Johnson's operation to steal Ray Guns from Henrik Kowalski was based.


Von Kruchman has neat black hair, bushy eyebrows, a beard, and an evil facial expression. He wears a monocle over his right eye, and wears a plaid green shirt and reddish brown overalls. He also wears a reddish brown jetpack and a reddish brown fedora.